Tourists drive photos and videos

Filming your lap

You are allowed to record your lap with a gopro or whatever you want.
A device with stabilization (software or physical) is highly recommanded to have a nice video.
‼️ Your device must be inside your vehicule. Attaching a camera outside your vehicule (front/rear bumper, hood, roof) is not allowed for security reason.
If your are a biker, you can have a camera on your helmet.

Lightweight Smartphone stabilizer

MINI Smartphone stabilizer. Multifunctional wireless remote control. Smart anti-shake algorithm.


Universal support for smartphone

Ultra Sticky. Adjustable Telescopic Arm. Easy to adjust horizontally or vertically.


Dual port usb 3.0 charger

Efficient Charging. Charge Two Devices Simultaneously. LED Indicator & Compact Size

Nordschleife Tourists drive photos

During your drive at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, you will see some photographers around the corners.
There are professional photographers and they payed a media licence to the Nürburgring organization to be allowed to take photo.
Most of them sell there photos on
Go to the site, find one photo of your car and the website will find automatically all the photo of you by looking for the brand, model, color and licence plate of your car. 
So convenient !

Nordschleife Tourists drive videos

There are Youtubers present at each event.
Here are some active Youtube channels to browse in the hope to find yourself.
You are a Youtuber and want to be referenced here ? Just email me at, it’s free 🙂 .

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